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Our Director: Ron Mann


Ron Mann has devoted his life to service through investigation and security. His background combines the stellar qualities of discipline, experience, and tenacity to solve even the most difficult problems. The typical security director or investigator comes from a background of the military, law enforcement or corporate security. Ron is that rare individual who has all three qualifications.

Military Service Background:

Having served as a Commissioned 1st Lieutenant/Armor – OCS, and prior as a Staff Sergeant, Ron Mann has an extensive, successful military career spanning ten years. He served as a Criminal Investigator for USACIDC, under which he investigated crimes against the US Army and its personnel; including threat assessments; security reviews; employee theft and protection; worker’s compensation fraud. He conducted interviews and interrogations, as well as completed complex reports detailing his efforts and progress.

Additionally, he provided technical and tactical guidance, proper maintenance techniques and safety procedures for the maintenance of US Army helicopters. He also served as a combat veteran helicopter crew chief. During his tenure he was assigned to protect the Secretary of Defense travel team, and was the Executive Officer in the Louisiana Armor Unit 1/156th.

Law Enforcement Credentials:

As a Louisiana State Trooper, Ron Mann attended the nationally certified and Federally recognized academy. His duties included crime and crash investigation, interviewing and interrogation of subjects and witnesses, while maintaining safety and security of crime and crash scenes. He enforced all state and Federal laws, provided education, and other essential public safety services in all weather conditions. His reports for court proceedings were clear and concise. He also trained extensively in firearms, defensive tactics, and restraint techniques.

Criminal Defense Investigation:

Experienced on both sides of the court in the criminal justice system, Ron’s abilities were honed beginning in the military (US Army CID – their internal FBI). He was called upon to investigate many crimes including homicide, suicide, rape, incest, serious assault and arson. As a State Trooper he conducted hundreds of crash investigations, narcotics seizures, and gave extensive court testimony. He believes that no one should be unjustly accused of a crime, and everyone is entitled to a strong defense. Having a legal background he knows how to navigate the court system, its records, and the other tax and property systems online. His knowledge base allows him to evaluate onsite security in a wide variety of venues. Complex investigations have assisted Ron in determining how to best protect others and their property.

Corporate Security:

Ron Mann maintains a strict professional ethic while completing complex investigations. This carries over into all lines of his business including commercial and residential security evaluation and design. From surveying your properties to recommending the coverage you need to help prevent damage, destruction and to avoid lawsuits, Ron has the consummate background for defining and satisfying your needs. Every security company can create a basic plan, but in many cases those suggestions are not enough to stop criminals. Ron Mann and the leadership of Excalibur Security team can provide some peace of mind.

Education & Certifications:

  • 2008 McNeese State University, BS Criminal Justice, emphasis on Political Science and Pre-Law.
  • Graduate of the John E. Reid School of Interrogation
  • OSHA mandated Plant Safety Training
  • HAZWOPER, level II certified
  • Basic HAZMAT safety course
  • Department of Transportation certified inspector for motor carrier safety
  • Trained in operation of all-terrain extending boom forklifts
  • Trained to operate all US Army tactical vehicles – HMMV to M1 tank
  • Transportation Worker ID Card (TWIC) certified

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