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In Memoriam: Marvin McMillan


Excalibur Security Team is maintaining this memorial page for our former Chief Marvin McMillan who was tragically taken from us in January 2022. After a car accident, he was undergoing treatment until he suddenly passed away. We were devastated from the loss, as he helped found Excalibur Security Team after a long and varied security career in some of the nation's largest companies. He was a community leader in business and as a clergyman, served as Bishop over a thriving congregation. Bishop McMillan was a loving husband, father, community leader, businessman, and counselor to countless families.

We could all do well to follow his example. Since he was the sole source of income for his family, and caretaker of his wife who is permanently disabled, we are asking clients and members of the community to please DONATE to the fund listed below to help defray his medical and final expenses. We would love to show ongoing support for the family.

As our Chief Trainer and Leadership Mentor, Marvin L. McMillan, Sr. will be profoundly missed.

Please donate to his memorial fund
using this link - McMillan Fund
Or send any remittance made out to
"The McMillans"
6012 Bayfield Parkway
Suite #130
Concord, NC 28027
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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