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Excalibur Security Team gets asked similar questions by every potential client:

1. How can your services be better than other companies? Aren't all armed officers and guards the same?

A: We strive to keep our staff updated and informed. We require ongoing training. Not just a two week course in weapons, but ongoing live training for every type of situation. This translates to better prepared, more capable armed officer staff. Our chief trainer has held top level security posts with Fortune 500 firms. Our ownership has both military and civilian experience in the full range of security, equipment, investigations and protective services. Their world of knowledge helps keep our officers in top form.

2. Other companies want to lock me in for a year or more. You said you offer short-term contracts. How short?

A: As short as you need. We are so confident in our capabilities, we don't need to lock you in to a long-term commitment. There are many firms out there in transition, moving, consolidating, or sites that are temporary such as construction or special events. Larger companies always want you to agree to their terms. At Excalibur, we believe our relationship, built on trust and confidence, will ultimately see you deciding to engage us continuously for security, armed officers, patrols and evaluations. But for truly short-term or seasonal needs, we are there for you.

3. How does your pricing compare to other firms?

A: You get what you pay for is the old adage. Sincerely, we are going to beat the pricing of some firms and not others. It also depends on our recommendations. Be sure you are comparing apples and apples. Some companies will cut corners in providing less than ideal services but tout their lower price. It is lower because you are substantially unprotected. Excalibur will work with you on budget and help you do a cost analysis if necessary. Remember, our personnel are more highly trained, experienced, and our internal training is continuous. 

4. How consistent are the officers, as I had one company kept placing a new person with me every week it seemed?

A: Excalibur Security Team knows the importance of having personnel remain consistent. They get to know all the details of each physical location, the permanent staff, cars, trucks, equipment, and they notice very quickly when something is amiss. One critical factor in any security posting is having consistent coverage. We strive to make sure our officers are posted on a regular basis to the same locations. We do have fully trained backup available at all times.

 5. What if my needs change over time?

A. They will and do. Most companies do not take the time to evaluate their current needs much less the impact of changes in the future. Excalibur Security Team is able to assist you in the evaluation of current needs and determine changes that may take place over time based on our experience. We will keep you fully informed if we believe there are changes that need to occur. The bottom line is making sure we provide the best possible security at a reliable price.

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