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24 Hour Public Safety Dispatcher with GPS Tracking
Our services are always monitored and manned for immediate instructions and response by experienced dispatchers, meeting or exceeding law enforcement standards.

24 Hour Shift Supervisors Dedicated to Patrol Management
Supervisors have the single responsibility of Excalibur officer oversight so they can ensure safety and ongoing performance in the field.

Continuously, Highly Trained Armed Officers
Nationally recognized trainers provide continuous support with courses, evaluations, and improvement of our officers’ knowledgebase and responses in extreme situations.


Auditable and Trackable Rapid Reports for Quick Client Verification
Reports are electronically generated and supplied for same day/night use when following up with owners, investors, client staff, police, fire, and insurance companies.

Proprietary Excalibur Client Phone App
Call-for-service app for direct, instant client communication. All clients have 24 hour app connection to monitor, evaluate, receive and question information.

Chief Ron Mann
Lead Trainer & Supervisor


Armed Officer services by former military and law enforcement professionals. Allow us to protect your lives and livelihoods.

When confronting criminals, vandals, damage and unusual situations, remember that experience counts. Excalibur Armed Officers are a cut above, because of their backgrounds. Call us today at 1-888-276-3348 to discuss your needs so we can generate your custom quote.

Case Study: Smash and Grab Robberies

These crimes of opportunity can be avoided with proper preparation. First, Excalibur can conduct an on-site security survey through our sister investigative firm. We are regularly called in to spot the weak links in your security chain. By examining the points of entry/exit, areas that need reinforcement, glass and window treatments, and security cameras/technology, we can help your company avoid devastating outcomes. If your firm is subject to smash and grab robberies this will also greatly affect your insurance coverage unless you take steps to abate it.

Case Study: Halting Nighttime Vandalism

Gangs are a fact of life and so is tagging. In order to keep your property and equipment safe it is recommended you secure your perimeters and place officers on site as much as possible. Vandals who deface property can be a minor irritation. What concerns Excalibur Security Team is that once the property is shown to be vulnerable, theft and sabotage can follow. Don't remain victims when you have the means to fight back. Call Excalibur for more information.

Case Study: Special Sales Crowd Control

When you think of black Friday, you may think profits for the year. It would terrible if those promotions that your retail operation runs causes injuries. People are not as careful as they should be when loss leaders put dollar signs in their eyes. Excalibur Security Team suggests you prominently place armed officers at entrances and maintain control from early in the process to line up and enter the sale. If the proper attitude is demonstrated then the chances of stampedes and melt-downs are fewer. Get us involved in the planning stages so you will know your costs and have your plan in place in advance.

Case Study: Attempted Heavy Equipment Theft

Thieves have been targeting construction sites for raw materials, machinery, tools and equipment because they have found that most sites are unguarded. Don't become a statistic. Excalibur Security Team has the knowledge and capacity to guard your construction or renovation site so that you spend less time making insurance claims and driving up your rates, and more time actually on the project. We understand your needs and have excelled at protecting properties in past assignments.

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Your firm can hire us by the hour for a random number of hours weekly, monthly, or for individual special events. Ideal for random or temporary assignments.

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All of our officers are positioned to maximize interruption of any criminal act that can take place while your business is open or closed. We conduct multiple passes at random times during the day or night, observing and reporting any issues for patrol clients. Clients choose the priority targets and times.

Call to determine your exact needs through our custom on-site evaluation and walk-through. Our personable officers will quickly become part of your company's family. Please contact us to get a precise quote for your armed officer and patrol needs.

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Too often potential clients wait until they have serious problems, known theft, break-ins, property damage and more before calling for our services. Allow us to conduct a comprehensive security analysis for your property/situation and give you a competitive quote. Keep in mind, we offer short-term contracts that others don't!

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