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Continuous process improvement for armed guards

With many years in the security industry and having served in both investigative and preventive capacities, our ownership is committed to providing the best security coverage for you.

You may see the ads to hire security guards. Most companies will hire just about anyone and send them into the field without any training other than filling out a basic timesheet. This is not acceptable to Excalibur Security Team.

Our armed officers go through a thorough background check before we even hire them. Then they are evaluated and given role playing scenarios, in addition to written or verbal exams. We need to know how their previous experience will translate into providing you and your company with superior security protection.

Our armed officers are constantly being updated on intervention techniques and proper use of their equipment. Today's biggest issue is de-escalation. How to reduce the stress and potential for any situation to deteriorate. No one wants to harm another person. Our owners and staff are dedicated to providing the training necessary so our team can solve your security problem without incurring even greater damage from potential backlash.

Every armed officers goes through a series of trainings to spot criminal acts before they occur, and intervene as needed. This includes fire and arson; bomb threats; snatch and grab thefts; kidnappings; car break-ins; and more. 

We delineate how they should deal with irate customers, review surveillance videos, how to stop internal theft, how to break up fights, and comprehensive report writing. Remember, that a report is important as it forms a legal account of what transpired.

We impress upon our officers all the basics and more:

  • How to properly patrol a property, using individualized routes.
  • Signs to look for that intrusion has occurred or will occur.
  • Remaining situationally aware at all times, as if someone may be tracking your movements so they can commit a crime unnoticed.
  • How to vary foot patrol routes, and conduct spot checks for entrances and exits.
  • How to check on internal staff and personnel. Proper etiquette working with others.
  • How to spot distractions meant to cover other activities.
  • Maintaining weapon awareness at all times. This applies to firearms, batons, tasers and any other weapon in their possession.

De-escalation training in progress for all Excalibur armed guards

Every day prior to assignments all personnel gather to review new information, review the day's activities, and conduct responsibility reminders. We have a checklist for the officers to follow that defines items such as bathroom breaks; post requirements, whether stationary or mobile; and radio use.

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Excalibur Security Team consists of seasoned armed officers, trained by long-time security personnel with experience in both military and civilian security and law enforcement. Our defining feature is the quality of personnel assigned to protect clients' lives and livelihoods.

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