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To the con artist, a retail store is a deep pocket. That is why so many fake injuries. Our experience with a big box retailer will help put in perspective why armed guards can save you money.

In addition to halting shoplifting there is another often overlooked loss prevention requirement for stores open to the public. Fake injuries.

Our ownership has experience, having been assigned to a well-known big box store with multiple locations. By avoiding lawsuits that can drain a company's bottom line, Excalibur Security Team can help your security operations work more efficiently and help stop frivolous suits based on falsehoods.

In our past we have stopped a number of "victims" from making claims against the company. Our security personnel are trained to look for the unusual, the odd behavior and body language that suggests a crime will be committed. In a major case of "slip and fall" our personnel were able to find a witness to a faked injury claim. The legal team was able to stop the suit before it happened because our staff uncovered the testimony necessary to reveal the truth.

In another case, we simply followed a suspicious person who went to an appliance aisle and forced a large water heater to fall from an industrial shelf. He then writhed on the floor yelling until a manager appeared at the end of the aisle. Fortunately for the store we witnessed the action and immediately put an end to the case by removing the uninjured party from the store.

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Excalibur Security Team consists of seasoned armed officers, trained by long-time security personnel with experience in both military and civilian security and law enforcement. Our defining feature is the quality of personnel assigned to protect clients' lives and livelihoods.

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