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Our President: Adam Tranum


Adam Tranum is a career security professional with over 15 years of experience, having risen through the ranks with various firms to establish and supervise the operations of Excalibur Security Team. His applied skillset includes supervising all location operations, all officer instruction and training, HR, and sales functions. As licensing compliance officer and in-house instructor for state requirements for all officers, Adam includes training in less lethal measures such as OC spray, baton, handcuffing, and first aid/CPR.

Mr. Tranum has formed a cohesive team of highly skilled, trained officers capable of protecting people and property. His focus is not only on observation and reporting, as other firms do, but also on getting his officers to take action and stop crimes before they are committed. 

As he states, "Our officers are instructed to intervene where possible including halting criminal activity and getting police involved to arrest criminals caught in the act. We are extremely serious about taking security service to the next level."

Within a very short period of time his officers have thwarted car thieves, vandals, and saved lives from a fire. He has contracted with major venues to provide safety and support for large scale entertainment productions. He also worked diligently with apartment complexes and other properties to reveal and prevent criminals from destroying the residents' quality of life. He is a recognized community leader with a long history of public service in security, firefighting, and emergency medical response.

His Credentials:

  • NCPPSB – North Carolina Private Protection Services Board
  • Unarmed Officer Instructor
  • Armed Officer Instructor
  • Rifle/Shotgun Instructor
  • OC Instructor
  • Baton Instructor
  • Handcuff Instructor
  • AHA CPR/AED Instructor
  • Firefighter Level 2
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • NC EMT - Basic

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