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Fulfilling guest needs and desires sometimes requires outside security assistance.

We can supply officers for all areas deemed off limits to most personnel and the public.

Fully trained and situationally aware, Excalibur Security Team can halt crime before it happens.

When large groups gather so do pickpockets, purse snatchers, and con artists.

Retail security is a constant monitoring situation. Our personnel are trained to intervene in a variety of suspicious behaviors.

How Excalibur Security Team trains its officers in-house assists all our clients better.

About Us

Excalibur Security Team consists of seasoned armed officers, trained by long-time security personnel with experience in both military and civilian security and law enforcement. Our defining feature is the quality of personnel assigned to protect clients' lives and livelihoods.

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Too often potential clients wait until they have serious problems, known theft, break-ins, property damage and more before calling for our services. Allow us to conduct a comprehensive security analysis for your property/situation and give you a competitive quote. Keep in mind, we offer short-term contracts that others don't!

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