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Excalibur Security Team has the background and training to spot thieves at your special event. Our owners have worked high-profile events like Presidential campaigns, and even the Olympics.

In conjunction with the U.S. Secret Service, our personnel collaborated with the mayor's office of a large metropolitan city in vetting and removing staff prior to Olympic events being held there. Since there were many global dignitaries spread among various hotels, and since some security staff from competitors had to be removed, we supplemented the need for comprehensive security coverage. 

Our Chief brought in 20 additional people to orient to the event, many in plain clothes in strategic positions. Excalibur Security Team specializes in armed officers, but also contributes plain clothes personnel as needed. Many events use layered security, each with its own focus.

In the case of the Olympic event we were able to stop an individual who tried to blend in with foreign dignitaries, before he had a chance to enter their private hotel space. As a result of our efforts, the man was interrogated and determined to be a low-level threat, just wanting to appear important and socialize. Our intervention did prevent what could have been far worse.

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Excalibur Security Team consists of seasoned armed officers, trained by long-time security personnel with experience in both military and civilian security and law enforcement. Our defining feature is the quality of personnel assigned to protect clients' lives and livelihoods.

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