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Government statistics tell us that your property is 15-20 times less likely to be subject to criminal activity when armed officers are stationed on-site. Criminals will tell you that the last person they want to encounter when attempting to commit crimes is an armed officer. Most criminals do not want to confront armed personnel, so they will consciously avoid worksites, construction sites, stores, corporate offices, clubs, special events, neighborhoods and areas where armed officers are present.

With as unpredictable as our lives have become in recent months, it only makes sense to explore your options for armed security. If you own or operate a business, whether you collaborate with others in your strip mall location, or you simply directly contract with Excalibur Security Team, we can provide the kind of tailored on-site armed officers capable of protecting your investment. For places where your personnel are more likely to be on-site during our scheduled hours, like healthcare and educational institutions, we promote good customer service. We train our officers to look for critical issues like unwanted guests, intrusive behavior, disgruntled employees, with emphasis on stopping issues before they become unmanageable.

Our ownership has many years of experience in the military and law enforcement, so they are fully capable of training all of our personnel in-house, to ensure they meet more rigorous standards. Constant observation is more than just sitting idly by waiting for something to happen. Getting to know the patrol location, the flow of business and staff, and other details which can alert us to trouble are key to providing excellent security service.

Besides the psychological deterrent that an armed officer presents, they are capable of interdicting where recommended and stopping criminal activity by detaining and arresting individuals. For groups or mobs, an individual officer is still a valuable tool. They can position themselves to wait for back up, continuously observing, reporting and following a group intent on property destruction. Excalibur Security Team is networked, and able to reach out to local law enforcement for immediate response to more intense situations.

It only makes sense to provide greater security for work crews, buildings and assets, neighborhoods and other targets of criminal activity. Better training means better response, and more security for your lives and livelihoods. 

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