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Hotel guard monitoring closed circuit television security feeds

Excalibur Security Team has the background to protect dignitaries and offer additional security for special events and conventions.

Our Chief was once called upon to conduct security services and private investigation inside a Fortune 500 hotel chain. While we provided general security assistance, we also helped the hotel with unusual situations, large gatherings and conventions. 

During an event at the hotel a guest began complaining to the front desk in an irate manner. Our officer was able to calm them down and consult with management. The guest claimed an expensive watch was stolen from his room and he had already implicated housekeeping.

With the guest's permission and the hotel's support our personnel were allowed to search the room. Just in case there was an issue with staff cleaning the rooms, the hotel had to find out if this complaint was valid. We searched the room and in the process turned up a bag filled with illicit drugs. And the watch in question. The guest forgot they put the watch in the bag.

We were not engaged in law enforcement so our involvement ended with finding the watch. The guest apologized and the hotel was very satisfied with our service.

Hotel personnel cleaning and inspecting rooms

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Excalibur Security Team consists of seasoned armed officers, trained by long-time security personnel with experience in both military and civilian security and law enforcement. Our defining feature is the quality of personnel assigned to protect clients' lives and livelihoods.

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