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More than theft. Today's risks come in many forms. Traditionally, developers and investors only had to worry about stolen equipment. While that caused delays, and insurance headaches, it was typically only a financial loss.

With eco-terrorism, sabotage, violent political protests, and disgruntled employee actions, industrial and construction sites are now particularly vulnerable to a wider range of destruction. In addition to theft, and mere inconvenience, owners face legal issues from employees harmed by damaged equipment. Anarchist attacks can cause major disruptions to schedules and destroy investments. Daily activities can not only be halted, but work sites can become booby-trapped when unmonitored. It is important to protect your multi-million dollar investment in commercial and industrial development, and secure your workers' safety at the same time. Insurance carriers are requiring greater vigilance by owners in order to maintain policy coverage.

Excalibur Security Team has the solution tailored for you. Unlike many major competitors, we craft specialized short-term agreements to arrange patrols and station armed officers on your site for the duration required, so that work can proceed without interruption, and you can rest knowing we deter theft and destruction of your investment.

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Too often potential clients wait until they have serious problems, known theft, break-ins, property damage and more before calling for our services. Allow us to conduct a comprehensive security analysis for your property/situation and give you a competitive quote. Keep in mind, we offer short-term contracts that others don't!

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