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Parking Lot Security



One of the most often overlooked areas for security are parking lots. Almost 40% of car accidents occur in parking lots. Combined with road rage over parking spots, and an area where crimes of opportunity are regularly committed, your parking lot can become an extreme liability.

To avoid your parking areas earning a poor reputation, Excalibur recommends circulating patrols with armed security officers able to intervene in incidents, de-escalate potential violent situations, and stop criminals before they can break and enter, threaten or harass your guests, or even commit armed robbery.

Our officers are former military and law enforcement with years of experience in dealing with unruly people. Very often our officers can quickly tamp down hostility and act as mediator. In the event that force must be used, they are judicious in pursuing and subduing suspected criminals. Where necessary, law enforcement authorities will be called up on to secure the situation.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where the simple act of going to a grocery store can end in tragedy, but the truth is that unless a shopping area has security coverage, they automatically become a target of choice. Secure your parking lots, patrons, and staff of the stores. In addition to seeing more traffic, you may also enjoy more stable insurance rates.

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