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Security Tech Review

Director Ron Mann

Many companies invest a lot of money in closed circuit television security monitoring and other devices before really understanding their needs. Excalibur Security Team can join you on-site and create a custom evaluation of all existing equipment, and make recommendation for any new equipment. With so many new and interesting developments in surveillance and recording security it is incumbent upon business owners to take the next step and review their present situation.

Our technical evaluation consists of understanding what you are doing now and:

  • Mapping the physical property, including the exterior lots, buildings, and interiors as required.
  • Creating a list of existing equipment, its position, and potential for improvement
  • Testing existing sensor, key card access, door locks, etc.
  • Determining upgrades, replacement or supplemental equipment needed to improve overall security
  • Creating a site plan schedule and budget 

Technical needs change over time. What is adequate one day is obsolete the next. Unfortunately, criminals don't take vacations. We need to be ready to thwart intrusion and stop them before the can negatively impact your company.

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